Imaginary Gambit: Where Imagination Becomes Reality


Welcome to Imaginary Gambit, a team of passionate game developers and designers.

We create games for various platforms and we also offer game assets for sale.

Our development genres include:

  • Single and Multiplayer RTS games using the high-performance Unity DOTS stack.
  • Casual and Hyper-Casual games
  • Action games
  • Idle games
  • Tower-Defense games

We are experts in developing visually stunning and high-performing games and applications.

We are proud to announce that we have completed over 60 Unity game projects with excellence for various clients and platforms.

We also develop and sell:

  • Unity Tools such as Generative AI, AI-ML Integration, Behavior AI, Game Toolkits, Terrain.
  • Unity Game templates for both single and multiplayer games.
  • Unity VFX.
  • 3D Game assets with Blender.
  • Voxel art.
  • Game-ready animations.
  • 2D game assets.
  • Game GUIs

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